Adam Powers, Chief Experience Officer, BBH.

Michael Delange is a seasoned UX practitioner with quiet authority who I had the pleasure of working with at the BBC. A meticulous designer who always sought to go to the heart of a problem, rather than accept a brief at face value. In many instances Michael’s design solutions would fix problems and fulfil user needs that hadn’t even been clocked, creating satisfying and delightful services of the highest order.

Although Mike always took work deadly seriously, he is great fun off the clock and a terrific team member. It’s also worth noting he is one helluva design manager and provides genuine holistic care for his reports. 2014 and many designers sprinkle ‘UX’ around their Linkedin profile with abandon, and little evidence to support it. Make no mistake – Michael is the real deal.

Drew Huddleston, Executive User Experience Director, AKQA.

Michael is an absolutely stellar UX practitioner and leader — experienced across the entire UCD process. In his time at AKQA, I relied on him to work directly with high-profile clients, drive their business forward, deliver quality work and to be almost entirely self-sufficient. He has an amazingly even temperament and works very well under pressure. I would consider myself very lucky to have him back on the team.

Ben Zacharias, Lead Product Manager, Virgin Media.

Michael is a world-class UX professional. He played a critical role on our team in so many ways, including consistently showing:

– An incredibly collaborative working style, both within an agile product team and with a broad range of stakeholders.
– A positivity and determination in driving projects forward.
– An incredible attention to detail – always demonstrating a depth of thinking and designing for every scenario.
– A super clear communication style that always made it really easy to understand his thought process, through which his experience and intuition invariably come out strongly.
– A passion and relentless focus on user needs, while balancing decisions with real pragmatism.
I can’t recommend working with Michael highly enough.

Marta Pogorzelska, Designer, Virgin Media.

I worked with Michael on Virgin Media’s service application. I can truly recommend Michael not only as a great professional in UX and product design, but mentor and leader to others. He has really great work attitude, is open minded and thinks holistically about problems he is approaching. He stands out from the crowd as an exceptional design thinking professional that will bring this extra value to any team he will join in the future.

Johannes Åhlund, Founding Partner, Managing Director London, B-Reel.

Michael is a client-focused champion of efficient and conversion-driven site design and best practice. He has extensive knowledge and experience of user behaviour and tools to deliver engaging experiences at both site and page level. He is a also a thoroughly nice chap. It’s a privilege to work with him.

Davor Krvavac, Executive Creative Director, B-Reel.

Michael is a brilliant UX with a deep understanding of technology and user behaviour. I’ve had a pleasure of working with Michael at B-Reel and AKQA, collaborating together on everything from products and services to web builds and campaigns. His attention to detail, knowledge and experience make Michael one of the key contributors on any project.

Helen Clulow, Head of digital product, Mastercard.

Michael is a real expert in his field, very personable and is a pleasure to work with. He manages both creative and developer resources and ensures a high quality product is achieved. Highly creative, knowledgeable and dedicated Michael is an asset to any digital design team.

Eric Troffigue, Owner of CubicState Software Solutions ltd.

 Michael has been a great asset during his time at IE. He has fantastic flair for design probably built on his experience and his ability to understand clearly business needs. He has a rare sense for communicating and expressing design directions while being a great listener. I would strongly recommend Michael to anyone looking for a solid designer with a creative and strong/quick business understanding.

Grant Passey, Founder and CEO at SNAPP.

 Michael is an exceptional UX professional with great depth of experience and high end capability. He was the UX principle for Snapp leading the information architecture and UX design on our highly successful mobile web project for Great Ormond Street Hospital and Charity. He has a calm and balanced personality, enabling him to quickly establish the trust and positive engagement of the client. He challenges both client and development teams in a positive and constructive way, guiding them all to a truly user centric result.

James Chorley, Creative Director at AKQA.

 Michael is a pleasure to work with. His considered and collaborate approach brings out the best in the people he is working with as well as helping create a good team culture. Adept at leading multiple projects, knowing how and when to get into the weeds and create wires and when to take a step back to look across everything from more of a strategic point of view. He also possesses the wonderful skill of being flexible in his solutions, understanding how and why other products on other parts of the business he is working on can shift and change the direction of the product he is working on.

I really enjoyed working with Michael at AKQA and hope I will get to again in the future.

Dan Ogunkoya, UX Designer at BBC News.

Michael is an incredible knowledgeable Creative and UX Director. His attention to detail and passion for delivering the best possible user experience has led to the creation of some first-class products that have inspired me as a designer and caught the imagination of our audience.

Whether supporting individuals working on modest assignments or leading a team of designers on high profile projects Michael provides excellent direction and advice while being receptive to thoughts and ideas from all members of the team.

Adam Child, Operations Director at Netgem.

 I worked with Michael for several months, during the early stages of the EE TV project. Throughout that time, I was impressed with the way in which Michael always held the customer at the heart of his decision making and was passionate about user testing and listening to ‘real’ feedback from the target audience. He has been instrumental in making the EE TV service as simple to use as it is today and I’d happily work with him again.