Capital One Apps

iPhone and Android credit card apps.

My work included competitor analysis, current bespoke product analysis providing quick win solutions, conducted internal user testing sessions, produced IA/ sitemaps, scamps, detailed wireframes and prototypes in Axure. Capital One is a customer of the white label banking product I designed.

For iPhone and Android apps, functionality includes registration process, viewing transactions for different accounts, transaction details, statement history, credit card payment via other cards, bank accounts or DD, balance transfers, paying a company or friends, alerts and a separate flexible and modular credit card application process.

Intelligent Environments/ Capital One | 2013

Interaction design
Visual design by Cristiane Morandin.

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Michael has been a great asset during his time at IE. He has fantastic flair for design probably built on his experience and his ability to understand clearly business needs. He has a rare sense for communicating and expressing design directions while being a great listener. I would strongly recommend Michael to anyone looking for a solid designer with a creative and strong/quick business understanding.

Eric Troffigue, Principle Software Architect, Intelligent Environments.