This project was fundamental to BBC strategy to improve the User Experience of Programmes websites whilst streamlining resource, successfully reducing the time taken to design a Programme website by at least two thirds.

Providing consistent navigation and layout structures incorporating ‘building blocks’ to quickly create wireframes while also providing flexibility for designers to produce varied and rich visual solutions for each project. Design made a great contribution to shaping and crafting the end product, strategically changing the way designers, editorial and developers work in the business. This included research of BBC and external programmes sites, evaluating work that did and did not need to be done to avoid repetition, taking in feedback from all production staff to produce design solutions, style guides, informing and educating others on design processes and rules throughout the BBC. Making decisions that were ultimately more challenging but I believe improve user experience.

The second part of this project was to educate and train designers, editorial and developers on how to use these templates through style guides, documentation and presentations/ workshops throughout the Nations and Regions. Continuing to improve and iterate through feedback at specific milestones of roll-out.

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BBC | 2008

My role
Creative Direction, UX Interaction and Visual design.


BBC programmes templates