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Delivered both interaction and visual solutions for specific areas of the responsive iPlayer within an agile environment. The preference for this project was to sketch (when needed) and design straight into Photoshop, skipping wireframes due to the highly visual nature of the project. Agreeing signed off designs with numerous stakeholders for the iPlayer homepage, channel homepages and local footers.

My main focus was the design of the homepages across all devices. This included the design of the ‘stream’, different variations of promos and ‘on now’, ‘on next’ and ‘off-air’ information.

Once the responsive iPlayer homepage was signed off, I then used that as a consistent template to bring the channels homepages (originally external to iPlayer) into iPlayer, working closely with channel stakeholders to create interaction and visual solutions for each of the channels needs.

BBC | iPlayer | 2013

My role
UX Interaction and Visual design.

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iPlayer Channel mobile homepages

iPlayer Channels mobile homepages iPlayer Channels mobile homepages


Homepage ‘stream’ items

iPlayer homepage stream items

Another element of the iPlayer

An example of ‘Your Latest’ panel scamps

Your Latest Scamps

One example of ‘Your Latest’ panel visual screen

iPlayer 'Your Latest' panel

The ‘Your latest’ pop-over panel exposes information regarding the user’s watching habits offering quick links to content that the user watches.

The design of this again had many variants depending on ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ starts, this ranges from the user accessing iPlayer for the first time with no recently watched information through to experienced users who have watched different programmes numerous times. This provides series and programme information (if available), new episodes, last chance and resume watching options.

‘Your Latest’ panel variants (for desktop)


iPlayer 'Your Latest' panel variants

Local footer and panels

The final deliverables were footer designs across iPlayer including pop-over panel solutions for regions and languages across all devices.